Impact of Washington’s unstable, insufficient revenue

Our inadequate and unreliable revenue system weakens our communities by forcing cuts in vital services that impact everyone’s quality of life. A fair, accountable and shared revenue system makes our economy more resilient, promotes economic growth and competition, and creates opportunities for all Washingtonians. We are all affected by a half-decade of multi-billion dollar cutbacks including:Annual Tuition Increases Over Time

The bill for our State’s basic services  grow every year as Washington’s population increases, and with higher costs for building maintenance, food, and almost everything else.  Those costs alone are estimated to be at least $2.6 billion over the next two years. Our state’s revenue is also insufficient for supporting mandated costs, including reducing classroom sizes. On top of these required costs, we need to also invest in our workforce, restore damaging cuts from the recession, such as paying for quality early learning, restoring food assistance to children, and helping hard working families get back on their feet again.

Another $1.8 billion in proposed cuts for the coming 2016-2017 budget include:


Eliminate 1,391 ECEAP (Early Learning) Slots ($20,856,000)
Cut in Levy Equalization ($261,673,000)
Cut in Reduce State Need Grant  ($256,000,000)
10% Reduction to Higher Education Institutions  ($141,441,000)
Cut in Opportunity Scholarship ($30,000,000)
Local Effort Assistance ($28,766.000)


Suspend Local Public Safety Enhance ($20,000,000)
Allow 150 Days Early Release ($115,428,000)
Change Jail Demarc Line 22 Months ($69,647,000)
Eliminate Supervision of Jail Drug ($16,610,000)
Cut Earned Time Credits to 50 Percent ($18,424,000)


Delay Nursing Home Rebase ($58,778,000)
Cut Extended Foster Care ($16,227,000)
Eliminate Working Families Tax Exemption ($106,447,000)
Cut Forest Community Mitigation ($20,000,000)

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